Using the Welnys App as an Admin

            Using the Welnys web app as an admin is easy.

            Becoming an admin
            If you are not an admin, but think you should be, reach out to contact@welnys.com

            Accessing the admin view
            Once you've been made an admin, you need to sign out and back in again to see your new permissions.
            Upon logging in, go to MENU>ADMIN

            What can I do from the admin view?
            • Sort data by location or time period
            • See participation breakdown
            • See rate of participation and change in rate 
            • See how your participation compares to companies like yours
            • Track YTD participant count
            • See most popular class and time of day to offer that class 
            All of the data in the top chart is ruled by the filters you have selected.

            The bottom half of the employer dash shows you what classes you have coming up, and which classes have happened in the past. You can:
            • Pull the roster for any class by clicking the three dots on the right
            • Select VIEW ATTENDEES
            • The resulting list is printer friendly.

            Updated: 28 Aug 2018 06:45 AM
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