Time Management During Massage

            Arrival: we require that you arrive at the job site 15 minutes early to go through security and have time to access the room and set up.  You should be ready and waiting for your first client!  When you arrive, please call the Provider Hotline to check in so we are aware of your arrival time.  This is the same number you will call if you are running late or if there is an emergency: (720) 924-2351

            Time management: take time within each session to sanitize the chair and reset for the new client. For example, out of a 10 minute massage, there will be about 1 minute of quick intake at the beginning and about 1 minute of sanitization/reset at the end, with the rest for massage. This way you will stay on pace and do not feel rushed for the next person.

            Handling late arrivals: of course accommodate if you have a space in the schedule.  If there is someone in the next time slot, however, let the late person know you will unfortunately have to shorten their session to stay on time for the next person. 

            Taking Walk-ins: if you have time slots unfilled, certainly feel free to let people know they can have some time in the massage chair.  However, we do need them to register via the scheduling system so there is no confusion and our numbers stay accurate.  If paper signups are being used, please have them sign up for a spot and let us know what your numbers were like at the end of the day. 

            At the end of your shift: please be prompt in packing up and exiting. 
            Updated: 28 Jun 2019 07:09 AM
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