Account issues

            Are you experiencing issues with your account, or seeing a message that says your company doesn't have an account with us, when you believe they do? Sometimes this is due to a cookie time-out. The fix is to log out and back in again to reset things. 

            First, Log out

            How to log out:
            1. When on the app.welnys.com site, click the menu in the upper right corner (three stripes)
            2. Select LOG OUT.
            3. Then log back in again using your credentials

            Video instructions

            Please make sure you are not just closing the tab or closing the browser, but that you are actually logging yourself out of your account.

            If you still have problems:

            1. The next step would be to try a hard refresh (usually CTRL+F5 or Command+R on a mac, it can vary by browser, see this link for variations. You can also just close the browser window, clear your browser cache and try again.)
            2. If that doesn't work, try a different browser.
            3. It's also possible you are using the wrong email to log in. We can check this for you if you send us the email you are using.
            You can also contact us at support@welnys.com and we will help troubleshoot any issues with you.
            Updated: 13 Aug 2019 07:36 AM
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