How Do Credits Work?

            Can I buy credits a la carte?

            You can buy a la carte credits for $110 each here.

            Why would I want a package instead?

            Our subscription packages offer better pricing per-credit- save up to 21%! Packages also come with your own Welnys Concierge and complimentary access to our booking and analytics platform.

            Can I share credits?

            Sure! Share them with a different office, use as a team incentive, share with an employee you want to reward- they're your credits! Use how you like. To keep your credits safe, we will require your authorization for another person to redeem your credits. 

            Do credits roll over?

            Yes- as long as you are active subscriber, you retain access to any un-used credits.

            Do you charge PPPM?

            No- we charge per credit, no matter how many employees you have.

            How many credits should I get per employee?

            When it comes to on-premise wellness, it's better to think of it in terms of the kind of programming you want to bring in, the frequency in which you want to offer it, and in how many locations. As a general rule, on-premise programming will get around a 10% participation rate. Some things to keep in mind: Fitness classes have a max capacity of 30 (or the size of your room), 1:1 services (like massage or ergonomics) can serve 4-6 employees/hour, and speakers/seminars are limited to the size of the room in which you will hold it. If you're new to this, start with our "Better" package, which is flexible for you to try out different things each month. Don't worry, your Welnys Concierge will help you to navigate the options, and you can always change packages later. 

            Can I cancel any time?

            Yes- cancel any time through your customer portal or via your Welnys Concierge. Your cancellation will take effect on your next renewal date.

            Can I change packages any time?


            My A/P team won't let me pay with this via credit card. Are there options?

            Yes- we can set up traditional invoicing. Reach out to sales@welnys.com to discuss.

            I have a subscription but I need extra credits this month- what do I do?

            No problem- purchase top-off credits a la carte for $110 each here. Or, see your Welnys Concierge to upgrade to a new plan.

            Do you offer other plans?

            Reach out to sales@welnys.com to discuss.

            What about enterprise?

            All of our enterprise clients are on their own custom plan. Reach out to sales@welnys.com to discuss.

            How do I use credits?

            Browse options at Shop Welnys, or reach out to Welnys Concierge who can offer suggestions.

            You haven't answered my question.

            Reach out to sales@welnys.com or call us at 720-924-2351.

            Updated: 17 Jan 2019 04:09 AM
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